A Tale Told by An Idiot (The Usual)

I’m terribly addicted to the quizzes that pop up all over Facebook; we once had the temple at Delphi telling us to “Know Thyself,” and now we have Buzzfeed.

[moment of silence for approaching end of civilization]

Anyway.  The one that’s making the rounds right now is “My Most Used Words on FB.”  If the OED has deemed an emoji the word of the year, I’m thinking that a post about my most-used words on a social media site is practically dissertation-quality material.



It took a lot of censoring to get my name and location off that screenshot.


One at the center is puzzling; I can’t figure out what context made that the #1 word.

My mother (cough Avril Incandenza cough) had trained me to use “one” when speaking:  “One would think . . . .”  That could have been the origin of this #1 (heh) word, but my college roommate immediately set out to rectify this grammatical situation.  She either repeated whatever I’d just said, substituting a militant “you” or just outright threatened me.  It worked.

I do like the reading of “I’m also one.”  It sounds like some sort of riff on “Imagine.”

If you don’t know this version, listen.  Also Google her.  She managed to disappear.

I also like that my manifesto (well, it’s my manifesto as of this afternoon, when this quiz gave it to me) appears in there (reading down, on the left):

books thats right book read

That’s pretty much all I know on earth and all I need to know.

However, there’s also some life advice that I ought to listen to more often:

take happy around always

I’m betting most people reading this never leave home without their phones.  Do you leave home without your happy?

Instagram your happy.  Tweet it.  Hashtag it.  The world will be okay without another picture of coffee.

I feel like morning favorite coffee please is completely self-explanatory to anyone who knows me.  Particularly to anyone who’s been around me in the morning.  Morning and I swipe left on Tinder (did I get that right?).


many trying tried bad represents a lot of what went south over the past year.  But that’s two forms of the word “try” versus one “bad,” so trying wins 2:1 over bad.  I hope.  And good is many, many times bigger than “bad.”

gnomes is also much bigger than “bad.”  So that’s what life needs:  more good, more gnomes.  There is more goodness and more gnomes in the world than bad– if you’re looking and willing to believe in things that others say don’t exist.


I don’t know what the next current anything is, for tomorrow, let alone next year.  That does indeed drive me crazy.  Hopefully change.  

All I’ve got at the moment is a great big now.  And now I’m writing a post because this is therapy.  I’m reading a book because there was a while there when I couldn’t, so I’m making up for lost time.  It feels good.  I cooked dinner, because wonderful people (on Facebook!) helped me find cooking resources.  And that feels like an accomplishment.  I crashed the coffee place again, because it was a beautiful day, and I got to wander around downtown at some length.  I sat outside and read.  Fussed with my plants.

And that now is important because today started off really, really horribly. If I have to string a bunch of nows together like beads on a chain to pull through, then that’s what I have to do.

This was a pleasant now.  Thanks for joining me.






6 thoughts on “A Tale Told by An Idiot (The Usual)

  1. You know who I am says:

    Two comments, one more serious that the other.
    1. It’s really good to read such a positive post from you. This one says some things that could help many of us. You should come back and reread it on days that aren’t as good. This was a day that YOU took control of and consciously CHANGED for the better.
    2. That mouse and the gnome on the left have definitely got something going on. And it’s definitely perverted.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you– both hope and focus take effort. I’m glad you enjoyed it. And the quiz is pretty interesting! The Peanuts watch is unfortunately not up for grabs; my grandfather gave it to when I was little.


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