In some ways, the idea of me making a “now” page is a little ludicrous:  I excel at straying off paths, and when it happens on a micro level, I brush it off.  When it happens on a macro level, I get very distressed.  The micro-strays are products of having a wandering mind; the macro-strays occur when life is Not Going as Planned.

So I’m only going to address micro things here for the time being; they’re what I can focus on (and remind myself to focus on) without causing distress.  I’d like people to know what I’m currently up to and interested in, but I have no idea myself where I’m headed in the grand scheme of things, so I’ll just table that.


  • Reading, always.
    • Ask me for recommendations!  I love that.
    • Recommend things!  I love that.
    • I post reviews of things on both LibraryThing and GoodReads*.
  • Trying to be more faithful about reviewing current releases, mainly to keep a hand in about thinking critically about– anything.
  • Teaching myself guitar.
  • Learning how to cook.
  • Various crafty projects.
  • Trying to blog more faithfully.
  • More journaling, which is all the gunk that doesn’t end up on this particular windshield.

*Please note that what is on LibraryThing is incomplete; I’m trying to get my full library on there (and weed a lot of junk that needs to go).  The GR account is largely a straw man and is never updated with any accuracy or faithfulness; I do, however, transfer current reviews written for LT to GR.  TEAM LIBRARYTHING!


The other /now that is ongoing, and which I try not to mention much, is recovery.  It takes a lot of frigging time in micro and macro ways.  Things that are going on that I’m willing to put on a blog:

  • Eating.  Regularly.
  • Logging faithfully.
  • Identifying negative crap (internal and external) and distancing myself.
  • Starting physical therapy, which is causing me to move like a praying mantis.
  • Again, cooking.


When I had the 2001-2010 blog, I used to do a Reading/Listening/Current Obsession/Alice at the end of entries.  I updated that every day for a long time, though (ahem).  I think I may have lifted that from LiveJournal?  Honestly, I don’t remember.  At any rate, I’m going to add an additional tab for similar information and see how that goes.

/now movement origin here.  I first heard of it via this blog.





Please use this space for Profound Thoughts or Utter Nonsense.

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