About: “It felt really good to do something that made no sense at all.”

About quotation source:  The Miseducation of Cameron Post, emily m. danforth.  Cover image is your author, demonstrating at an early age what genius was forthcoming.

You know, I’m serious about that quotation in the about title.  I just want to do something that doesn’t make sense and isn’t supposed to.  Because it feels good.  Full stop.

Well, now, haven’t you just stumbled upon an amazingly random corner of the Internet?

Some actual substance:  I blogged from 2002-2010 on Blogger.  I was very faithful up until circa 2005, and it got more sporadic after that (largely owing to what was going on in my life at the time).  During 2010, I discontinued the blog for personal reasons.  It’s only lately that I’ve felt like nattering in this way again.

I know that many blogs have content with actual substance or a theme, but that was never the way I wrote before.  I tend toward some sort of mashup of journal and hyperbolic media-infused absurdist performance art (yes, I just made that term up this moment, and I’m aware that it’s ridiculous).  For the record, I do keep an actual private journal (using Day One, which I really recommend).

Sometimes personal, more serious (relatively speaking) personal details pop up in post content. The mental health tag usually flags those, and they’re usually tangential references rather than the primary subject. I’m not qualified to say anything of substance, but some of these allusions are unavoidable parts of my everyday stories. 

I’m new to WordPress, so this is still something that’s in progress; there’s a lot I’d like to improve and work on, but this isn’t a daily effort.  I may otherwise be reading, crafting, listening to music, or engrossed in Netflix (I hear there’s something called “outside,” but it sounds dodgy to me).

If you do have an idea for something you’d like to see me ramble on about, feel free to let me know.  As I’ve said, I technically have a BA, but it really works more like a BS.  There are usually various ideas kicking around in the form of post-its and such, so I’m always open.

As to copyright-type stuff, apparently I have to say this.  The content here is mine.  I did indeed produce this stuff.

If it’s quoted, it’s cited.  If there was an easy way to link to a passage (like a poem), I probably did.  That usually doesn’t work out with fiction.  If I didn’t pull the quotation from a personal copy of a book, it was probably Goodreads.  If you want/need an actual citation, email me, and I’ll provide it.

Videos are usually from YouTube and are the property of the artist or content producer.  Sometimes they’re from Vimeo.  In either case, it should be clear.

Playlists (which I refer to as mixtapes) are via Spotify.  See Spotify for relevant copyright info.

Images are sourced via Google images, unless stated otherwise (ex:  Buzzfeed, Tumblr, etc.).  The exceptions are those that are actually my own photographs. They’re terrible, but please don’t steal them. 

A final note:  I’m big on anonymity.  You’ll never be identified by name or anything else here (the plus side: everybody is “somebody”).  There’s no real location listed here (the mapped address is false, if you run it down).  There will be no pictures of individuals who aren’t me or my cat, who doesn’t seem to have any privacy concerns.  No businesses, institutions, etc. will be named.  No workplaces will be discussed.

In short:  I’m here to act like a toddler who lives in a fantasyland.  I have no interest in gossip or exposés.  I’d much rather post endless gifs, really.


Please use this space for Profound Thoughts or Utter Nonsense.

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